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關鍵18分鐘(18 Minutes)筆記

18 minutes


  1. Leveraging my Strengths
  2. Embracing my Weaknesses
  3. Asserting my differences
  4. Pursuing my passion


  1. 早晨的規劃(5分鐘): 決定如何讓今天是成功的一天
  2. 重新專注(1分鐘/小時):


成就動機理論(Achievement Motivation Theory),又稱三種需要理論(Three Needs Theory),由心理學家大衛·麥克利蘭提出。

  • 成就(Achievement): 渴望挑戰與成功
  • 認同(Affiliation): 渴望建立友好的人際關係
  • 權力(Power): 渴望較高地會地位,影響別人與得到自我的尊重


  • 需要成就:及時給與其工作績效的明確反饋信息,使其了解自己是否有所進步;為其設立具有適度挑戰性的目標,避免為其設置特別容易或特別難的任務
  • 需要權力者: 設立具有競爭性和體現較高地位的工作場合和情境
  • 需要認同者: 設立合作而非競爭的工作環境

Inbox three day rule [25]

定期清理 Todo list 的 Inbox,當一個事項待超過三天就代表他該被處理了,建議是下列四種之一

  1. 馬上做(Do It immediately)
  2. 排定確切的行事曆中(Schedule It)
  3. 就直接刪除吧(Let it go),也許他不是那麼重要
  4. 丟到 Someday/Maybe List,以後心寫來潮的時侯再挑來做。


  • The time to judge your successes or failures is never [19]
  • Do fewer things, select your Big 5 annual focus. Focus don't need to be goals [20]
  • 把每一個事項歸類到 Annual Focus。讓每一個Focus達到平衡 [22]
  • Ignore list. How easily we get distracted and how many distractions we have these days. [23]
  • To-do list and Ignore list are your map for each day. [23]
  • To-do list is useful as collection tool [24]
  • If you really want to get something done, decide when and where you are going to do it [24]
  • Chime at every hour to retrospect what you did in the last hour [26]
  • We often do many things right but then fail to repeat them.[27]
  • Thinking aout what you learned and with whom you should connect. [27]


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